In preparation of a selection of dead trees

On May 28 at Fleischer/Ollman Gallery, ANW is excited to present the US debut of Koboku Senju.  This cosmopolitan quintet features Norwegian sound-artists Martin Taxt, Elvind Lønning, and Espen Reinersten, along with Japanese experimentalists Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura.  Akiyama and Nakamura are both bold contributors to Japan’s vibrant experimental musics tradition - which ranges from the multimedia projects of composer Somei Satoh to free jazz saxophonist Kaoru Abe to the harsh noise of Merzbow - who are at the forefront of the contemporary Onkyo music movement.  Translating in English as “reverberation of sound,” these electroacoustic improvisers emphasize texture over structure, and minimalism and quiet noise in contrast to the maximal abrasiveness that characterized Japan’s 80s noise scene.  

This Tuesday night at Vox Populi Gallery, our friends at Philadelphia Sound Forum are also presenting Toshimaru Nakamura, and the three scheduled sets for the evening are not to be missed.  As if it wasn’t enough that Nakamura will be performing solo on his no-input mixing board, he will also be performing as a duo with Philadelphia-based clarinetist Gene Coleman, and with a quartet comprised of Philadelphia musicians Tim Albro, Ian Fraser, and Jesse Kudler.  These intriguing pairings promise to be daring, touching upon many diverse components of the experimental musics continuum, as Nakamura will be joining forces with several of the finest local sound-artists our music scene has to offer.  Philadelphians are fortunate to have these two challenging events in the same month, and we hope to see you all at both!