June 2008

International House3701 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA Map
Price: $12 General Admission
Monday, April 28, 2008 - 8:00pm

Jewels and Binoculars

Michael Moore, alto saxophone + clarinet + melodica
Lindsey Horner, bass
Michael Vatcher, percussion

Please join Ars Nova Workshop for the record release celebration of Ships With Tattooed Sails, the new recording (featuring guitar icon Bill Frisell) from the all-star trio Jewels and Binoculars.

Michael Moore is a main figure in the Dutch creative jazz scene and has collaborated extensively with major Dutch improvisers including drummer Han Bennink and pianist Misha Mengelberg, as well as American jazz musicians such as Fred Hersch and Gerry Hemingway. Jewels and Binoculars was born out of New York bassist Lindsey Horner and Moore's mutual love of Dylan's music, and included Dutch drummer Michael Vatcher, best know for his work with John Zorn's Spy vs. Spy project.

Some consider Bob Dylan to be one of the most influential musicians of our era. His materials are traditional-song forms inherited from the blues and the music of the British Isles, and imagery inspired by the greatest writers of our culture. He has, however, found some very personal ways of combining sound and text: indeed, a great poet. Jewels and Binoculars was born out of Lindsey Horner and Michael Moore's mutual love of Dylan's music. Starting in the late 1990s, New York bassist Lindsey Horner would get together with reedist Michael Moore and percussionist Michael Vatcher, longtime residents of Amsterdam, Holland, to explore that repertoire. Interpreting the songs instrumentally, the trio uses the power of tried and true folk song forms as the starting point for their improvisational flights, all the while keeping the power of the words and images fresh in mind. Rather than guitar, voice and harmonica, the instrumentation relies primarily on the clarinet, bass clarinet or alto saxophone for the melody, the acoustic bass for the harmony, and Michael Vatcher's wide variety of percussion instruments for textural variation.