Konk Pack Come to West Philadelphia to Explore the Outer Regions of the Aural Unknown

The Konk Pack experience is analogous to what it would feel like if strapped to the hood of a spaceship and blasted off into the outer regions of the aural unknown. The absolutely aleatoric sound-worlds that Tim Hodgkinson (lap steel guitar, clarinets, electronics), Thomas Lehn (analogue synthesizer), and Roger Turner (percussion) produce are vigorously alive with buzzing particles of humming static, mysterious glitches, pulses, and splatters of engaging and often terrifying sound. Despite the radical notion of freedom that grounds their performance, complex and marvelous structures begin to form for the open listener who, despite the dense and overwhelming textures, will find many silent spaces that enable exhilarating autonomous judgment. The disorienting, blurry, and rapid camera movements of this video -- which shows Konk Pack at a sound check prior to a 2008 performance in Germany -- visually captures the chaos of their sonic capabilities. While there’s really no time for one to fully adjust to the perpetually shifting directions of sound, aesthetic joy is realized by lingering within the absorptive unpredictability of it all.

Join us tonight, April 15, at The Rotunda for what is sure to be a challenging and rewarding evening of free sound. 


Konk Pack

This was just a MAGNIFICENT show. What a great group of players. And to sponsor it for FREE? Ars Nova Workshop has outdone itself. Thank you!